Mezcalito Locker Program

Mezcal locker program

We invite you to join along side Mezcal aficionados, enthusiasts and novice drinkers. The program provides a sense of ownership with a variety of benefits including a personal locker, invitations to exclusive events, and table reservations. New to Mezcal? No problem. To help you select the perfect bottle, we have Mezcal aficionados on staff. They are eager to embark you on your personal artisanal spirit journey through our Mezcal alter of over 100 different tasting experiences.


Ready to secure your locker? Come in, speak to our bar staff.

Mezcal bottles in Locker


We keep your bottle safe and secure, ready for you to enjoy. Sometimes one bottle just isn't enough that is why most of our lockers allow multiple bottles. Unlock your spirit! Come in, show your member key, get your bottle! As simple as that. Cheers! ¡Salud!

Locker Policy (click on link to view policy)

Mezcalito dinner

exclusive events

Mezcal educational series for all levels of connoisseur. Learn how Mezcal is harvested, cooked, smoked, crushed, fermented and bottled. We believe knowledge leads to a unique tasting appreciation. Continue your taste development with limited release Mezcal tastings, introduction to our various Flights and Mezcal paired prix fixe dinners. Each event will provide an opportunity to experience this farm to table artisanal Mexican spirit.

Mezcal Alter Selections (click on link to view selections)

Espadin Room table scape


We are your neighborhood bar! A place to unwind after work, catch up with friends, collaborate with co-workers, and celebrate with family. We get it, that is why sharing your bottle experience is easy with PRIORITY access to reservations. ¡Viva la vida!